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wide range of self-rooted vegetable seedlings that serve all the needs of the producer
  • Seedlings: in our modern nursery we produce a wide range of seedlings that serve all the needs of the producer for outdoor as well as under-cover crops.
    In addition, there is the possibility of producing seedlings of any variety of vegetables with seeds that will be supplied to us by the customer. For more information on varieties as well as costs, contact our sales person.
  • Multigrain: in our facilities you will find multigrain vegetables such as parsley, dill, rucola, celery
  • Grafted: : with experience of more than 10 years, we produce grafted seedlings of tomato, cucumber, melon and watermelon with a success rate of over 98% following strict hygiene conditions.
  • Aromatic: we can provide a large variety of aromatic seedlings upon customer order such as oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil etc.
we create healthy and strong seedlings with excellent adaptability to different planting conditions
Grafted Seedlings
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